Friday, January 14, 2011

maker post series #3 - HIMAA

The third of the maker post series features Japanese artist HIMAA.
So great!
MR KITLY stocks HIMAA zines, badges and totes.

Please read on below for an insight into the wonderful world of HIMAA...


What do you make?
I usually do drawing, sometimes make sculpture
and have been making zines.

Where do you make them?

At my home.

How long have you been making them?

I have been making them about 7 years.

please choose 3 interweb links that you most enjoy to click on.
Tool-Making Crows:
wikipedia: Random article

what were you doing this morning at 11?
I was at a meeting with an editor.

how did you first start working/creating in your field?
One of the reason was moving up to Tokyo?

where do you see beauty in the everyday?

Where ever in the everyday life.

what book do you find yourself returning to often?

I often open a tarot guidebook recently.

what is your favourite space in your home or studio?

I like to be by the south facing large window.
You can see 3 cats outside from there.

could you describe one object that you treasure?
It is Dick Bruna's sign.
I got it from him at his studio in Utrecht in 2001.

who inspires you?

Especially not, but child.

how would you describe your hometown to someone from overseas?

It is a city where is between mountain and sea.
There was a great earthquake in 1995.

what do you think of when you think of Melbourne, Australia?

It's far.

Please choose 5 pictures or images that tell a small part of your life

or the various sources of your inspiration.

That's all , Thank you for interview to me.
I saw a cat on your web-site, that's cute : -)

- himaa

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