Wednesday, March 30, 2011


MR KITLY will be open 11am-3pm
Thursday 28 March.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Shop install in the gallery until April 14

We have a shop install in the gallery until April 14,
when a new show by Nathan Gray opens.

The shop install has new in store tote bags by Sirena con Jersey,
lovely linens by Fog Linen, the very popular String of Pearls plants,
Smalltown macrame plant hangers,
and a table setting of handmade pottery.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The proceeds of the raffle have now been donated to the Australian Red Cross
Japan & Pacific Disaster Appeal 2011.

A great big thank you once more to everyone who contributed.

My thoughts are with those North-eastern coastal communities,
and I send love and support to all Japan.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Emily Green new stock

New stock just arrived from Emily Green!

Necklaces $30
Earrings $10
Brooches $20~$30

Sirena con jersey

MR KITLY now stocks Sirena con jersey!
Tote bags $25.
Available via web shop now.

"Sirena con Jersey are Ali and Eli.

We produce stuff we would like to wear but we don't find in the stores.
We both come from the graphic design world,
but Eli is illustrator and Ali loves crafts.

Sirena con Jersey was born in 2007 with a serie of handmade
knitted sweaters. Then we produced a serie of screen printed totebags.
People like our stuff, so we decided to keep doing things.

Sirena con Jersey means mermaid with sweater in Spanish."

Smalltown Plant Hangers

We stock Brunswick macrame artist Smalltown plant hangers at Mr Kitly.

Large (white and red in this picture,
blue and silver also available) are $280

Small (pink in this picture) are $160

They are quite something.
An extremely delightful way to suspend your plant life.

Raffle winner

The winner for the MR KITLY raffle is...



Here is how it looked for the top 10, using

Random Sequence Generator

Here is your sequence:


A really big thank you again to everyone who has contributed
their thoughts, time and cash to help the people in great need on the
north-eastern coast of Japan.

The latest news reports of hunger, thirst and bitter
cold in the tsunami-affected areas are so distressing.
It is really good to be able to forward our $790 direct to Red Cross
and know it will be going to assist where it is most needed.

And it is also really important to hear the stories of hope,
endurance and generosity coming from Japan, as well.

I look forward to going back to Japan later this year,
and saying hello again to a wonderful place that has faced
the worst, but will survive and prosper.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

MR KITLY Help Japan raffle update 18.3.11

The MR KITLY Japan prize pack raffle via big cartel has now closed.
Thank you to everyone for your amazing support for Japan.

Together we raised $790, all of which is be donated to the Red Cross:

As soon as the transfer is made I will post the Red Cross receipt

so you can all see your contributions have gone through OK.

For the prize draw, I am notifying everyone who bought a ticket
of their unique ticket number(s) via email today.
Then I will pop all the numbers into an online random number
generator to find the winner.

I will post the winning number on this news blog,
as well as emailing the winner directly to confirm postal address and things.

Sorry if this all sounds a bit step by step and overly,,,tattslotto,,,
but just want to be all clear and super fair about the draw!

Good luck everyone, and just a great big thanks again for
your generous support for Japan.


Friday, March 11, 2011

New At-Swim-Two-Birds

I am always super excited when new stock from Renilde arrives.
Now in store new mobiles, new pot holders and new seat cushions.

Mobiles on web shop
Pot holders on web shop