Friday, February 18, 2011


Handmade metal canisters from Japan have just arrived.
In copper, brass and tin plate.

All shapes and sizes, really nice for storing some
MR KITLY tea:)

To quote the makers, the canisters are:

"Simple item that will someday become antiques.
To hold your interest, the shape is simple.
Artisans make them by hand to use the minimum
number of lines free of unevenness from any angle.
The comfort of smooth opening and closing is realized
through such meticulous work. Scuffing is also done by hand.
Hardly any streaks or stains remain, giving a beautiful matte finish."

Also from same design house,
handmade wooden rattles and chopstick rests
now in store (and coming soon on web shop).

Mia Schoen

We had such a nice opening on Thursday,
Mia's paintings looking great in the gallery space.

Mia Schoen, 'Interposed', is up until March 2.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Plant life 6.2.11

Plant life now on in the gallery and shop.
Bird of Paradise, Frangipani, Philodenron,
Boston fern, Umbrella Tree, Devil's Ivy and more.