Tuesday, December 21, 2010

oji x design

wow wow wow

oji x design < > takahashi kougei (handmade woodenware)
rinao design < > takahashi kougei (handmade woodenware)
oji x design < > futagami (metalware)

just arrived!

Masanori Oji is a young Japanese design master.
Rina Ono runs Japanese design practice rinao.
Takahashi Kougei is a family-run wood workshop in Hokkaido.
Futagami is a 100-year-old metalware workshop in Toyama.

These designers' collaborations with Takahashi Kougei and
Futagami have produced a stunning range of functionalware.

Very, very, special.

Only at MR KITLY in Australia.

oji x design < > futagami bottle openers (3 in stock)

kakudo series from oji x design and takahashi kougei (maple dish in stock)

oji x design < > takahashi kougei kami series mug cup (m) in stock

oji x design < > takahashi kougei kami series free cup various size in stock

rinao design < > takahashi kougei cara series egg cups and milk pitchers in stock

rinao design < > takahashi kougei cara series bowl in stock


  1. i love wooden cutlery and kitchen items. they have a certain warmth to them. loving all posted here... i wish i could get them

  2. ARGH!

    It might be dangerous for me to come visit tomorrow evening if I actually had any money to spend!

    So beautiful!

  3. dell! I was just admiring your crochet picnic:)
    to look and to hold is also very joyful!

  4. and hello chibi! i really, really couldn't agree more. (about the warmth to them:)

  5. wow,these wooden cups etc are very special!