Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ceramics update: 19.12.10 - Keiko Matsui

MR KITLY now stocks Keiko Matsui ceramics.

Keiko Matsui grew up in Osaka, Japan and her dedication to ceramics is
based on the respect and history she learned from a very early age.

After moving from Japan in 1999,
she completed an BFA (Hons - Ceramics)

at the National Art School, and her recent achievements
include winner of both the FĂȘte Picasso Small Art Objects, France (2009),
and the Woollahra Small Sculpture

Prize Viewer's Choice Award (2008).

Keiko’s work revolves around a search for
simplicity and serenity

and making functional objects.
Her process revolves around working quietly.
She treats each piece in isolation and her floral, landscape
and organic motives are drawn freehand,
ensuring no two pieces are alike.
The brush strokes are sensitive yet strong,
reminiscent of calligraphy,

while the pencil drawings are innocent and quirky.

About the finjan (above)

There are many names for the long handled pot used for brewing coffee.
Traditionally, those pots are made from copper with a wooden handle,
and they are common throughout the Middle East,
North Africa, Caucasus, and the Balkans.

‘Finjan’ is the name that is used in Israel.
Keiko started making her ceramic Finjan after watching
her partner making Turkish coffee every day.
After visiting Israel she saw various shapes of finjan
and was inspired by them; the finjan were full of character
and particlarly charming, and their form is unique and
quite peculiar in comparison to Keiko's own culture where one
uses a simple tea bowl without any handles.

Keiko's finjan were thrown on a wheel and the handle was added separately.
It is not recommend you using finjan on a stove,
but it would be delightful if you use it for milk, dressing, sauce etc.


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